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I design and develop great user experiences.


UX Research, UX Design


A mobile app that shows a list of restaurants compatible with users dietary restrictions sorted (by default) on a customized score for each restaurant.

Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Visualization, Development


An information visualization web app through which users can answer “Who is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)” in Formula One.

UX Design, UX Research

Smart Mirror

An interactive smart mirror installed at a Warby Parker store to help users select eyeglasses.

UX Design, UX Research

LiveLike Summer Internship

Established a User Centered Designing process in the organization and created a flexible and robust design skeleton (VR and Mobile) adaptable to various sports.

UX Design, Development


A web based role playing game for professors to help them better understand the promotion and tenure process.

UX Design, UX Research, Development

Goodminton - Masters Project

Create a sensor based system to help novice and intermediate players learn footwork on badminton court. The system would include getting feedback on a mobile device to help point out mistakes and track progress.

UX Design

VR Classrooms

How can webVR be used to create an more engaging online community of students enrolled in the OMSCS program at Georgia Tech?

Visual Design

Visual Design Musings

Working iteratively to improve on my visual design skills.

Work Experience

About me

Hi! I am Ishaani, a UX Designer & Researcher, who is currently a second year Masters student in Human-Computer Interaction. I am interested in exploring the applications of design in traditional (web and mobile) as well as non-traditional interfaces and technologies (AR/VR/Ubiquitous Tech/AI/ML). I care about sports, education, and health care. View my resume here.

Human beings are complex and naturally, I am too. If you are interested in knowing more about me then click here.

Phone: +1 (470) 418-0795
Email: ishaani.94@gmail.com

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