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A little bit more about me ...

The effervescent nature of life makes me believe that life is more about the journey than the end goal. This page highlights things which shape up the person I am.

Things I am currently doing

Helping my HCI cohort

I am a member of the HCI Grad Student Council, being elected by almost 120 students. The duties of a grad council member involve attending weekly meetings to discuss ways in which we can help students get the most of the program (academically & socially), keeping alumni engaged, program outreach (to industry and prospective students).

Organizing my thoughts better

I started carrying my sketchbook around and just writing snippets of thoughts/ideas in a scattered manner. I have definitely found this to be a helpful tool which helps me quickly revisit my thought process.

Playing badminton

Being in grad school means long hours of work and health taking a backseat. However, since the past 4 months (I have lost close to 15 pounds), I have been trying to get more into fitness and embracing a healthier lifestyle of which badminton is a big part.

Getting more outdoorsy

I recently took part in Questival, a 24-hour race which requires teams to do tasks in a number of categories, helped me explore parts of the city I was unaware of. We eventually ended up winning a category prize (because we can be an intense bunch of HCI grad students).

Embracing my Indian heritage

I have had a scattered childhood wherein I kept moving across cities and countries. Even though this helped me gain a better understanding of the world, I somehow was never able to connect to my Indian traditions and roots. However, after moving to the US, far away from my home and family, following these traditions is what makes me feel connected to them.

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