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VR classrooms

How can webVR be used to create an more engaging online community of students enrolled in the OMSCS program at Georgia Tech?


Role: UX Designer 

Tools: Mozilla Hubs, Mozilla Spokes 

DurationStarted in Aug 2018 - Present  

Details: 2 person team project @ Georgia Tech  

We’re designing and testing VR classrooms using Mozilla Hubs to facilitate asynchronous learning for students of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

In existing platforms such as Udacity or Coursera, students watch their lecture videos and take tests, all independently. Research has shown us that having a collaborative learning environment where peers learn together is far superior in terms of the speed, depth and extent of learning. MOOCs today, however, lack engagement and collaboration between students with their peers and faculty. Our project is trying to tackle this problem.

Work is in progress and contents will be updated shortly.

Checkout this article about the project grant:

Checkout Mozilla Hubs here: (Use arrow keys and mouse to navigate the environment)

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